There has never been a person quite like you and you are the expert on your inner experiences and inner strengths. Phil’s work is not just about giving advice but about enabling people and organisations to discover their unique strengths and solutions. There is no such thing as a standard problem or a standard solution. This is a simple truth, you can believe in better because your life is not a dress rehearsal. You are the Producer and the Director movie of your life, what do you want to project on your inner screen? You deserve to find wonderful meaning even through some suffering, do you not? Phil’s tailor-made interventions are designed with you in mind, achieving the outcomes that you want.

Humourworx is an ongoing tribute to the shining star Victor E.Frankl who was a Neurologist and Psychiatrist. He survived four Nazi concentration camps; afterwards during his lectures and in his books he talked about how humour was used to help detach himself and others from the horrendous conditions in the camps. Further saying “we need not be ashamed of humour because it is a choice to laugh at situations in life”. This is the aim of Humourworx, to continue with the ethos of Victor E.Frankls ideas through a wide range of strategies out of the Tardis toolbox. You can learn with uncompromising integrity about your natural skills and ability to be mindful about your mirthfulness. Phil is serious about using humour type interventions which can be designed to meet all sorts of requirements for individuals and organisations because a purely technological approach to solving nonlinear problems as produced in the brain often come unstuck. Phil is really authentic about his work and does it with Heart in Mind (he almost means that). This is the serious use of humour because life is too important and humour is needed more than ever, you know this do you not? Just look at the state of the world, not much else is working, so give humour a chance and try it on for size!





Phil has been providing training, one-to-one interventions in the UK and Europe for almost three decades he was a Senior Mental Health Practitioner Approved under The Mental Health Act 1983. Phil also has extensive training and a wealth of experience in the fields of Adult Psychiatry/Clinical Risk Assessment, Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Brief-Strategic Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Life Coaching in Corporate Business settings.


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