Organisations whether big or small need to recognise the signs and symptoms of burnout, depression and anxiety because of the duty of care. The workshop aims to provide a good sound introduction of signs and symptoms before people breakdown at malfunction junction! We need to learn how to embrace the stress response and understand ancient programming systems in the brain. Therefore the workshop can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation. This really is about development, growth and learning from experience, this in turn develops real resilient pathways in the brain. For too long the stress response has had many bad press cuttings, therefore we need to understand some stress is good for us, and how we can get good at doing it so we can manage it much better.

Solution – Talking – Resilient – Effective – Strong – Strategies

The workshops are practical in nature providing real tools for use in the everyday flow of life (Phil’s current top 10 strategies). There will be an interesting exploration of the developmental field of Emotional Intelligence which include competencies of self–control, commitment and challenge that can make a difference in so many different ways. We can all feel frustrated from time to time, however when we explore innovation and creativity new elements can be attained like passion and aptitude. When organisations are underpinned with shared values we can all reconnect with our true selves, this is real “rocket fuel”, the propulsion of self–belief into new awareness. Indeed this workshop provides a different framework for thinking and reframing the stress response, with the outcome of you getting it, loving it the way it is, bringing it on and searching it out, so you become a kind of stress hunter. Are you ready for a new adventure? I think Theodore Zeldin sums this up with his wonderful words, “I appreciate the last thing many people want is an adventure into the unknown, that life contains stresses too hard to bear, and that withdrawal from the hurly-burly, or taming the mind into quietude, or cultivating contentment, seemed the best kind of defence”. However, Phil believes we can learn to thrive on stress through many options and enjoy the journey into the unknown each and every day!