In all probability one-of the biggest risks to health and well-being is burnout through too much of the stress response of everyday living. This is where your wonderful brain gets poached in your own toxic chemicals which are being released on a daily basis because of the perceived threat of the sabre tooth, your drive to work, your work, your relationships, your gas bills, your slippers and anything else that you perceive threatening. So the brain spa allows you to develop through your own wonderful firing and wiring of new brain fun pathways. During the brain spa day your brain shall be taken out carefully and technically after being anaesthetised with giggle gas and thereafter your brain will be placed in a vat of possibility to soak up new ideas. Great care will be taken to put the right brain back in the empty space so you’re not left there with another somebody.

Furthermore, on the day will be exposed to a wide range of fun formulas created in the secret Humourworx laboratory. You will be given your very own red nose during a special ceremony which will protect you from future burnout scenarios (there is no guarantee of this). You will be slapped metaphorically with all kinds of delights and you will be tickled like never before! Be afraid, be very afraid but not so afraid to come on this course of wonderment. Phil is a fully qualified clown with many years of experience which started when he was provoked by a little man in the circus when he was a child in Wales (this is a true story and if it is not it should be). Indeed clowns, jesters, tricksters and fools feature throughout recorded history because of the luxury reflex that being laughter. Indeed, mirthfulness is woven into many cultures because it is powerful medicine. Prof Frank Farrelly the Father and developer of Provocative Therapy, paid Phil the ultimate compliment by calling him “the disruptive contrarian”.