We do not know the exact starting point to problem formulation mind sets, any more than we know the end in terms of how the brain solves problems. Many people like you observed how some try to force linear solutions into dynamic non-linear systems of the brain, which rarely works. Thought Provoking Philosophy is the serious use of humour and one of the main objectives is to use full on fun to provoke ways to shift negative thinking. Further creating disruptions in the mind/brain systems to change perceptions and enable people to find their own unique solutions. Indeed some serious technical types say Phil is using “Implicit Processing Heuristics”, which are indirect open field experiments (Bubble of Possibility – in-depth explanation during training) to encourage people to explore their inner worlds. This method aims for small changes to become amplified through playing and stretching our emotional expressions, loosening up our biochemical flow of information! Basically you are going to learn to laugh at problems, issues and be given permission to do so because your world is too important to take seriously. Phil believes his work is on the edge of creative change interventions with individuals and organisations. (He would say that, would he not?) This is really about introducing chaos to give birth to a dancing star, this is about positive shock to reset the governors of the system, your brain, your mind and thinking style.

It is however, important not to forget that individuals and organisations have unique senses of humour. The challenge is to design sessions to meet the requirements of the different modes of humour, which will appeal to diverse tastes. Indeed, our humour response is learned and linked by our gender, age, religion, culture and upbringing. Phil states “he is there to help people to learn once again to laugh at their problems”. This is the task, people can move beyond their learned helplessness and conditioning towards new choice in life. Warning, this training is not for the fainthearted, but it will wake you up and you will become more aware of the matrix that you are living in! All zombies are welcome, Phil has a zombie friendly policy. This training may lead to near life experiences. (There is no guarantee of this)